IT brings revolution in domestic workers’ employment sector

SOURCEPakistan Observer

Islamabad: Information Technology (IT) has brought a revolution in the field of domestic workforce as a number of online services through National Incubation Centers (NICs) are benefitting both the employees and employers, ensuring jobs on reasonable payments.

According to a report, around 100 million people can be lifted out of poverty in Pakistan through financial inclusion, Chief Executive Officer Ignite National Technology Fund Yusuf Hussain told APP Sunday.

“The online service can play a crucial role in this sector by engaging the illiterate in the digital economy.


It will enable rural women, who form a large segment of the abject poor, to spend on education and health of their families because of increased income. This will help school our unschooled children and feed our hungry,” he said quoting the report.

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Under the government initiative, as many as 40 ‘startup’ programmes are being run to provide services in different fields including security, job opportunity, bussiness, advertizing and journalism.

Meanwhile, Head of ‘Mauqa’ Online Suniya Saadullah Khan told APP that under the service, credible domestic workers could be hired on one hour or monthly basis at reasonable charges.

She said the fast advancement in the IT sector has provided a platform not only to technology enthusiasts, but also empowered domestic workers towards a healthier and prosperous life.

“Startup programmes, under the NICs, are aims at bridging gap among knowledge, good job opportunities and domestic workers besides ending trust deficit between employees and employers,” she said.

Suniya said through this platform domestic workers are earning more than Rs 20,000 per month and Rs 250 per hour, adding that it has enabled them to lead a respectable life.

”Mauqa offer verified and trusted domestic help to the customers’ like cleaning, washing clothes, washing dishes, ironing and other domestic works.

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Customers just need to tell when and where they need help in such domestic services.”

Keeping security issues in mind, she said, the company verify each worker’s CNIC with NADRA, record digital thumbprint and give interpersonal skills training to the workforce.

She said ”Mauqa Online connects uneducated and underprivileged people with nearby work opportunities through an online platform designed for illiterate users.”—APP

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