Activities at Karachi and Qasim ports

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The Karachi Port handled 139,114 tonnes of cargo comprising 100,127 tonnes of import cargo and 38,987 tonnes of export cargo including 8,883 loaded and empty containers during the last 24 hours ending at 0700 hours on Thursday. The total import cargos of 139,114 tonnes comprised of 60,211 tonnes of containerised cargo; 2,790 tonnes of canola; 8,331 tonnes of Soya Bean Seeds and 28,795 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

The total export cargos of 38,987 tonnes comprised of 26,967 tonnes of containerised cargo; 150 tonnes of bulk cargo, 6,800 tonnes of clinkers; 4,950 tonnes of rice and 120 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo. As many as 8,883 containers comprising of 4,375 containers import and 4,508 containers export were handled during the last 24 hours on Thursday.

The breakup of imported containers shows 1,227 of 20’s and 1,512 of 40’s loaded while 06 of 20’s and 59 of 40’s empty containers, whereas that of exported containers shows 720 of 20’s and 386 40’s loaded containers while 770 20’s and 1,123 40’s empty containers were handled during the business hours.

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There were four ships namely Irenes Reliance, Kota Kasturi, Ocean paradise and CMA CGM Norma carrying containers and bulk cargo respectively sailed out to sea during the reported period. There were five vessels viz. Xin Xia Min, Kota Kasturi, Seaspan Yangtze, Royal Lady, and Barbara carrying containers and tanker respectively currently at the berths.

A cargo volume of 128,302 tonnes comprising 81,752 tonnes of import cargo and 46,550 tonnes of export cargo including 2,582 loaded and empty containers (TEUs) was handled at Port Qasim during the last 24 hours on Thursday.

The total import cargo of 81,752 tonnes includes 19,988 tonnes of containerized cargo; 3,820 tonnes of diesel oil; 3,350 tonnes of palm oil; 42,101 tonnes of coal; 2,350 tonnes of LPG; 6,690 tonnes of canola seeds and 3,453 tonnes of bitumen. The total export cargo of 46,550 tonnes includes 46.550 tonnes of containerised cargo. A total number of 2,582 containers comprising 927 containers (TEUs), (052 TEUs imports and 2450 TEUs exports) were handled during the last 24 hours on Thursday.

There were two ships namely APL Miami and MOL Globe sailed out to sea on Thursday morning. A total number of eleven vessels were currently occupied berths to load/offload containers, coal, canola seeds, bitumen, LPG, palm oil, and diesel respectively during the last 24 hours.

As many as sixteen ships namely OOCL Washington, Pacific Activity, Alani, Ij Etta, Gloe Trotter, Parl Canton, Star Crimson, Belta, Lila, Navios, Mercury, GNG Concord, Vita Ocean, SITC Zhong Shan, GS Fabulous, Buna Alamado and Maran GAS Efessos carrying containers, coal, soya bean, soyabean seeds, palm oil and LNG respectively were at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim during the last 24 hours.

There were five vessels viz. OOCL Washington, Maersk Bentonville, Navios Mercury, Maron Gas Etessos andGS Fabulous carrying containers, coal, LNG and palm oil respectively expected to take berths at QICT, PIBT, EETL and LCT respectively on Thursday.10TH January 2019. While another ship CMA CGM Butterfly is due to arrive at Port Qasim on Friday 11th January 2019.

(This news/article originally appeared in Business Recorder on January 11th, 2019)

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