Editorial Policy

Editorial Guidelines and Policy

Please consider following guidelines when submitting your opinion and articles. These are to help the earliest. The articles should be submitted at the email editor (@) return . pk Please avoid calling or sending text messages. In case your article is not published within two working days, you may reach us through email.

Please send your article in MS Word document as an attachment and also copy the content in the email body to help a quick review, without opening attachment.

If you are sending your article for first time, please share your picture, social media handles and one liner intro along with the article.

The editorial team will review your article and publish, if it is within the focus areas of Return News, is a quality write up and is expected to bring quality reading experience for the readers of Return News. Once your article is published, we will notify you.

Composing and Readability Experience Tips:

Please consider following important guidelines while composing: –

  • Minimum words limit 300 and maximum recommended length is 1000 words.
  • Try to make shorter sentences, using less difficult words to improve readability experience.
  • We recommend limiting the sentences with more than 20 words to a maximum limit of 25.
  • We recommend maximum 10% use of passive voice sentences.
  • Use subheadings where appropriate and keep length of each para to a reasonable limit.
  • We recommend using transition words in minimum 30% sentences. Transition words are words like ‘most importantly’, ‘because’, ‘therefore’, or ‘besides that’. Using transition words well makes your text much more readable, as these words give direction to your readers. Using them is like pouring cement between your sentences: the relation between two sentences becomes apparent by the use of transition words. They send a signal to your readers that something is coming up, and prepare them for the next sentence.

Guideline for use of Punctuation Marks

  • Use single space after each word
  • Use full stop after every sentence
  • Don’t use more than one punctuation mark after one sentence.

Proof Reading:

Please read and proof read, at least once, before submission of your article. This helps rectify several formatting and grammatical mistakes. Articles with minimum mistakes and grammatical and readability errors save times of editorial team and allows quick publishing.

Editors Authority:

Please keep in mind that assigning or editing title of the article, correction of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors, removal of unethical material, removal of bad diction, removal of hatred and discriminatory language and removal of content which is against the editorial policy of Return News is an authority of the editor. If you are don’t agree with this authority of the editor, please choose other mediums for your publications, as we will not be able to publish it.

Writing an article/opinion is a matter of great responsibility, so while sending your article, you should keep in mind possible reaction of readers, which can be positive, negative and even harsh in some cases. Please give your best while writing.

Editorial Policy:

Return News has a very clear editorial policy, which has no inclination towards any specific political, religious or ethnic beliefs. We don’t filter articles on the basis of support or opposition to any political, religious or ethnic segments of the society.

We respect the right to independent thoughts and freedom of expression. Readers are best judge and they read, evaluate, appreciate and criticise. We as publishers and news aggregation channel don’t believe in our authority on intellectual wisdom.

We don’t allow content with bad diction, abusive language, material based on hatred and violence against any particular religious, cultural or ethnic group. We don’t allow articles, which promote violence and encourages readers to break the law, as this doesn’t comes under freedom of expression.

We don’t allow slang and social media troll language in the articles.

Return News will be happy to publish your articles, which brings analytical views on various aspects of economic landscape of Pakistan and help promote economic growth, investment, business and trade ultimately contributing to the economic growth of Pakistan.

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